New 4 in 1 Optical Fiber Stripper Optic Fiber Miller Stripper Scissors Wire Stripping pliers OFS-04

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  • Product name: 4 in 1 Optical Fiber Stripper
  • Packing size: 230mmx 120mm
  • Packing weight: 0.25kg
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This multi-functional optical fiber stripper has four patents. A pliers integrates three miller pliers, leather stripping pliers, scissors and cleaning cotton. It simplifies the carrying of toolbox items, avoids frequent tool changes in fiber stripping, improves working efficiency .


  • 3 in one miller clamp
  • Cleaning cotton: wipe the coating debris on the optical fiber, can be rotated and reused and can be replaced.
  • scissor
  • Wire Stripping Pliers
  • PVC coated handle: prevent slippery and wear-resisting