Fiber optic Splice Protection Sleeves GS-FSP001-60C 60mm single pin steel

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  • Application for : single fiber with 900um or less coating
  • Recommended 16mm cleave length
  • Sleeve length: 60mm
  • strength Member: Singel or Dual
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Protection sleeves are commonly used when two fibers are fusion spliced together. The protection sleeve is meant to protect the splice joint and exposed fiber after the splice has been completed.

We offer a wide selection of fiber protection sleeves to meet any application. This series is the industry standard for durable and lasting protection of single fiber splices in field installations or optical components.


  • Fiber Optic Fusion Splice Protection Sleeve
  • Provides Maximum Lasting Protection of Fiber for Splicing in Any Application.
  • Variety of Single Fiber Sleeves.
  • Inner EVA Melt-able Adhesive Tube.
  • Full Length Strength Member for Total Fiber Support.
  • Close Dimensional Tolerances.
  • Heat Bonded Assembly.
  • Fungus Resistant.



Item type: Fiber Optic Fusion Splice Protection Sleeve

Product Material: Polyolefin, Stainless Steel

Minimum fully recovery temperature: 120°C

Size, Weight and Color

Length : 40/45/60mm

Diameter after Shrink 2.8±1mm/ 2.5±1mm, 2.0±1mm,3.1±1mm

Inner Tube Diameter 1.4±1mm,1.3±1mm,1.5±1mm

Strength Member 1.2±0.02mm,1.0±0.02mm,1.5±0.05mm


Opp bag , each bag contains 50pcs/100pcs/500pcs

Order information

Model No. Outer Tube Inner Tube Diameter Strength Member Package
Diameter after Shrink Sleeve Length Diameter Length Quantity
GS-FS001-40A 2.8±0.1mm 40±1mm 1.4±0.1mm 1.2±0.02mm 34±1 1pcs 50/100pcs/PK
GS-FSP001-45A 2.8±0.1mm 45±1mm 1.4±0.1mm 1.2±0.02mm 40±1 1pcs 50/100pcs/PK
GS-FS001-60A 2.8±0.1mm 59±1mm 1.4±0.1mm 1.2±0.02mm 54±1 1pcs 50/100pcs/PK
GS-FS001-40B 2.5±0.1mm 40±1mm 1.4±0.1mm 1.0±0.02mm 35±1 1pcs 50/100pcs/PK
GS-FS001-60B 2.5±0.1mm 60±1mm 1.4±0.1mm 1.0±0.02mm 55±1 1pcs 50/100pcs/PK
GS-FS001-40C 2.0±0.1mm 40±1mm 1.3±0.1mm 1.0±0.02mm 35±1 1pcs 50/100pcs/PK
GS-FS001-60C 2.0±0.1mm 60±1mm 1.3±0.1mm 1.0±0.02mm 55±1 1pcs 50/100pcs/PK
GS-FS001-40D 3.1±0.1mm 40±1mm 1.5±0.1mm 1.5±0.05mm 34±1 1pcs 50/100pcs/PK
GS-FS001-60D 3.1±0.1mm 60±1mm 1.5±0.1mm 1.5±0.05mm 55±1 1pcs 50/100pcs/PK