Color capacitive touch screen Nine-in-one function 4.3-inch Fiber optic measurement tester machine

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Model No. : Mini OTDR, Black

Dynamic Range: 1310/1550nm Wavelength

Power meter Range: -70 to +10dBm(for Broadband),-50 to +26dBm (for CATV)

Language: English

Power Supply Cord: European standard, American standard etc.

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the series tester is a comprehensive optical fiber measuring instrument to solve the measurement of various parameters of optical fiber. It mainly USES OTDR function and has other common measuring functions. Really reflected: ONE MACHINE, TESTING ALL!



  • Nine-in-one function (OTDR, OPM, VFL, OLS, Network Cable Test, Fiber Inspection, Event Map, Loss Test, Flashlight)
  • The 4.3-inch full-view capacitive touch screen supports multi-touch
  • Cover plate type tempered glass panel, don’t worry about screen scratch
  • Support horizontal version, vertical version, perfect fusion of the two habits of user operations
  • Support charging treasure charging, do not worry about the battery is not enough
  • In line with the international standards of test data with perfect simulation software, so that your report more simple
  • Sink type light port design, so that the instrument light port to get better protection
  • Support U disk, SD card and Micro USB export data protection
  • Any interface supports screen capture



Measuring range 100m、500m、2km、5km、10km、20km、40km、80km/90km
Sampling resolution Minimum: 0.2m
The sampling point 64,000 point
linearity ≤0.05dB/dB
Loss threshold 0.01dB
Loss resolution 0.001dB
Range resolution 0.01m
Range accuracy ±(0.5m+Range×3×10-5+Sampling resolution) (Excluding refractive index error)
Memory >100000
VFL 10mW,CW/2Hz
Data interface 2个USB(Type A×1,Micro usb×1),SD card
Screen 4.3-inch TFT-LCD (Standard distribution capacity touch screen)
Battery 3.7V/5200mAh
temperature Working temperature:-10℃~+55℃;Storage temperature:-20 ~+80℃
humidity ≤95%(No condensation)
Size/Weight 175x105x45mm / 0.56kg(Contain the battery)
Attachment Power adapter, lithium battery, FC adaptor, USB cable, quick guide, portable package
OPM Type A:-10dBm~-70dBm;Type B:+26dBm~-50dBm
LS The output power:-5dBm,

Modulation frequency:CW/270Hz/1KHz/2KHz

Network Cable test Support network wire sequence testing and wire alignment




  • 3-inch capacitive touch screen with full viewing, TFT 800×480 resolution
  • CPU frequency 1GHz, equipped with 1g DDR and 8g memory card
  • Lithium battery: 5200mAh/ 3.7v, standby time > for 10 hours
  • Size: 175x105x45mm, weight: 560g (including battery)
  • Working temperature: -10~+55°C, storage temperature: -20~+80°C