24F fiber optic splice box terminal box black abs pc ODN optical network

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  • Material: PC+ABS
  • Box Installation: wall Mounting(indoor)
  • Scope of application: 3.0×2.0mm drop cable or indoor cable
  • Fiber cladding diameter : 125um(G652&G657)
  • Fiber cladding diameter : 125um(G652&G657)
  • Fiber diameter : 250um&900um
  • Fiber type: SM/MM
  • Tensile strength: > 50 N
  • Operating temperature : -40 ~ +85 C
  • Connecting Adapter: SC & LC
  • Insertion loss: <0.2dB
  • Return loss: >50dB(UPC),>60dB(APC)
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This Fiber optic terminal box is is able to hold up to 24 subscribers. It is used as a splicing closure and a termination point for the feeder cable to connect with drop cable in FTTx network system. It integrates fiber splicing, splitting, distribution, storage and cable connection in one solid.


  • Integrated with splice cassette and cable management rods.
  • Manage fibers in a reasonable fiber radius condition.
  • Easy to maintain and extend the capacity.
  • Fiber bend radius control more than 40mm.
  • Suitable for the fusion splice or mechanical splice.
  • 2 pcs of 1*8 Splitter ,1pcs 1*16 splitter can be installed as an option.
  • Mechanical sealing structure and mid-span cable entry.
  • 24 ports cable entrance for drop cable.
  • Water & dust protected (IP 66)
  • 24 adaptors for drop cable patching

Material : PC+ABS
Cable inlet: 2 port
Cable outlet: 24 port
24 SC Simplex adapter positions
Installation: wall mounting and pole mounting
Size, Weight and Color
Dimensions (LxWxD) 340*250*110mm
Color black
Weight 1.5kg(empty)


Basic accessories
installation nuts and bolts
Splice protection sleeves
hose clamp
cable tube
rubber seal for cable entrance ect…

Option accessories
SC/APC adapter(green)
SC/UPC adapter(blue)
LC duplex Adapter (blue/green)
0.9mm pigtails or others indoor cable
3.0×2.0mm drop cable
Pole ring